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Grupairmed, has what is possibly the only aerial work trainer. That combines the training of the pilots, with the operators. obtaining a real environment for the formation and training of inspection and/or verification crews, being able to generate all kinds of fictitious situations.


With this trainer, both pilots and operators can work on real scenarios from anywhere in the world. It also allows you to customize different characteristics of photographic systems on the market. Configuring your tolerances, with an error panel developed over the years based on the experience accumulated by Grupairmed.

All this means that a trainer is available with a high degree of realism and a range of errors caused by commercial systems, obtaining a high degree of response in resolution and optimizing flight hours when carrying out real work.

It allows you to load real work flight plans, both in the plane and in the photographic system simulator, so that you can carry out explorations of any part of the world, experiment with highly difficult data acquisitions, combined with a wide range of meteorological situations.