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Grupairmed has extensive experience in work at sea, with the development of automated photographic systems.

Realization of scientific projects in the sea for different university institutions, governmental and private organizations. Highly qualified scientific staff, with proven and verified methodologies. Trained in a specific simulator for observation and cataloging of sightings.

The entire expedition, including scientific observers, has at least crew training, given in an organization recognized by EASA and AESA.



We have all the specific equipment for this type of work. Aircraft modification with a bubble window for better observation, electronic equipment for auxiliary equipment, external and dedicated GNSS antennas exclusively for positioning systems and sighting marking.

Sightings, cetacean censuses, bluefin tuna, discharge control, garbage, maritime search for different objects, from ships, cargo, scientific artifacts to drifting balls.

Our fleet of high-wing P68s with their interior size make the perfect match for this job. It has 6 seats, modifications for transported systems, exclusive GNSS antenna, bubble windows and a very good power / consumption ratio.