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Grupairmed has what is possibly the only Console Simulator for the Evaluation of the Air Navigation System, integrated into a flight simulator. Being able to provide the necessary training to carry out the activity of the Inspection of the air navigation system, following the indications described by ICAO and the EU


At Grupairmed, pilots and operators are trained, not only in standard profiles, but in simulation of anomalous situations that can occur in real flight.

In this sense, it is the first complete simulation environment, which allows crew vs operators to practice CRM, carry out exercises in a console simulator for the evaluation of the Air Navigation System on radio aids, visual aids and associated procedures, both civil and military. In addition, it allows carrying out evaluation profile exercises of practically any airport in the world and with the recreation of any scenario, with a large number of events that can happen in real flight. This allows simulated tests to be carried out in real work areas, with the great advantages that this entails.



The console simulator for the evaluation of the Air Navigation System, is made up of a module that can read from a previously adapted flight simulator or reproduce flights autonomously, showing the records of the corresponding radio aids.

The simulator incorporates an advanced Sillyabus management, where each company can establish its lessons according to its own procedures, so that it has control of students and missions / exercises carried out. You can train an operator while the pilots are making a flight in certain conditions and place, on specific aids.


It has a control panel managed from a Tablet, where the console instructor can manage the different exercises, make notes, launch the lessons, etc. It allows the reproduction of a catalog of errors by radio aid and maneuver, with an intuitive interface that allows assigning errors to lessons, which gives the ability to create a complete and customizable Syllabus with different levels of difficulty. These errors in real practice are very difficult to detect without prior training, since some of them do not show up frequently and, in some cases, very unnoticed. LOC, GS, VOR, MKB, DME, Airways, NDB, GONIO, Visual Aids, Associated Procedures, RADAR, GCA, TACAN, Communications and GNSS can be trained in the simulator.